Condensate Pump Reviews

The Little Giant belong to the VCMX Series from Little Giant which is the latest series of products and is ideal for collecting, detecting, and the automatic removal of condensate from de-humidifiers, air conditioning equipment, condensing boilers, high efficiency furnaces and other equipment where an automatic drain pump is required.

This pump includes a patent peding cooling design for its 1/30 HP high permormance motor. This feature alone is designed to increase the pump life. Furthermore it features an oil-resistant tank that eliminates and mitigates the problem of cracked tanks with exposure to oil.
Among the other features there is also a a 1/4 turn check valve which allows servicing the pump without removal of tubing. A feature designed for water spills elimination. The pumps also includes a mounting bracked for an easier installation, and, as most of the Little Giant pumps in the market, a safety switch that can be wired into your air conditioner system (or a similar system).

Among the other features included with this pump there is also a 20 feet of tubing and a 6 foot long power cord. This pumps has also a rubber feet built to absorb vibrations when installed on hard surfaces it has an overall slimmer footprint size which provides more flexibility if this need to be installed in tight spaces.

The VCMX-20ULST also feels like it’s very resistent. In fact is denitely heavier that other similar devices on the market because built with stronger materials. And yet another feature that you want to consider is the fact that the pump is very very QUIET which is often a feature requested by those who put alot of emphasis on the sound level emitted by these apparates.

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